robin symbolism


Today I felt something staring at me and when I looked above my laptop screen and outside of my window, I saw a robin on top of my neighbor’s garage staring at me. It felt intense. I looked up the meaning of robins and it resonated with me.

I’ve been thinking about my father a lot recently and last night the scent of his cologne traveled up my nostrils. The robin happens to be a symbol a loved one is around.

It is also a symbol of good luck and planting new seeds. It means no matter what is going on in your life, you find a way to be content. The robin teaches us to move forward with grace.

Keywords: happiness, growth, clarity, beginnings, joy, luck, happy future, renewal, rejuvenation, independence, self reliant, letting go of personal dramas

I thought it was such a reassuring message – especially during spring.



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